Thinking of bringing a bottle to your next dining adventure? Whether it's a vintable bottle you've been saving, or a fun bottle you just picked up...there's a few things you should know to help you BYOB in style.


Before you arrive, be sure to check that the bottle you're bringing is not already on the menu. If in doubt, call and check.If by chance you do, they may charge you the price of the bottle on the menu. If the wine is on the menu, but a different vintage, you should be fine!

When we say ‘bottle of wine’ it means a 750ml bottle which is the standard bottle.

Large format craft beer is a bottle approximately 750ml, much like a standard wine bottle


What Is Corkage?

Corkage is just another way to describe BYOB! Restaurants charge a ‘corkage fee’ to open and serve each bottle of wine, beer or spirits you bring with you. We think it’s a fair exchange as the server opens your awesome bottle, provides lovely glassware and gives you the attentive service you would expect as though you bought your wine or beer from their list.

Search Corkage Fees And Discover New Places


As you are seated, let your server know you have bottles for corkage. This is the time to provide any particular instructions, like, if you want the wine decanted, when you would like it served. And remember, a waiter or sommelier must be the one to open your bottle and pour for everyone at the table.

Fun Tip:

Don't be shy, it’s cool to offer
your server a taste as proper BYOB


Don't forget:

Tip accordingly! A restaurant is not required to offer corkage so it should be regarded as a perk and a privilege. Salut!

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