Press Launches! Press Release: June 26, 2017

Judi and Tom Leykis chat about corkage on his show, The Tasting Room, the weekend of June 24. Take a listen!

Leykis interview June 24

Corkage Mission

How many hours of your life are you willing to spend scrolling through restaurant listings on reservation or review sites to simply find a restaurant’s corkage fee? None? Me neither. So frustrating. Thankfully, a light bulb went off! Why not create a directory to easily find a restaurant’s corkage policy? Stroke of genius. And so I did.

Now you can reclaim those lost hours that got sucked into the ‘search’ vortex, hunting for a restaurant’s corkage fees and policies, by clicking on to find where you can bring your bottle(s) of wine, beer and/or whiskey. Simple. Restaurant hours, location, website and phone number are also listed for your convenience. You’re welcome!

Founder, Judi Laing

Who is the ‘genius’ that thought to make this directory? Judi Laing, a devoted AbFab Patsy Stone fan, appreciator of all things alcohol (drinkable alcohol), blogger of “a woman walks into a bar…”, human who wants to make life easy for her fellow drinking humans. Hopefully, will help ease the way to enjoying your restaurant experience with your favorite bottle in hand. Cheer.