Chez Jay

Legendary Dive Bar

Corkage is $10 per bottle of beer. Same for beer.

Famous dive bar, open since 1959 serves classic seafood, steaks and chops, classic cocktails, an excellent wine list and your favorite beer on tap. Free peanuts are famous as well – “one of our Chez Jay peanuts went to the moon with Alan Shepard and became, as Jay called it, the first “Astron-nut” and it still resides in our family safe.”

Please make sure your bottle isn’t already on the wine list. If in doubt, call first. Thanks and enjoy!

1657 Ocean Avenue, Santa Monica, CA 90401
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Seven nights a week for dinner 5:30 -9:30 pm Monday - Friday for lunch 11:45 am - 2 pm Saturday & Sunday Brunch 9am - 1:45 pm Happy Hour - 7 days a week 4:30 - 6pm