CorkageOnline is planning a 50 state strategy! First up, Arizona!

Hi Corkage People!

We are going to tackle the Sisyphean task of trying to figure out each of these great United States’ alcohol laws so we can drill down and find out each state’s corkage policies for your BYO enjoyment. One would think, “Oh, piece of cake!” Well, not exactly. Every state has its own peculiar laws with what seem like crazy regulations to stymie the most intrepid BYOer. So, because we want you to have the best  experience when you bring your own wine, beer or spirits to a restaurant, we are spending hours in a law library checking it all out for you.

First up: Arizona. We had always heard that Arizona was a no BYO state. Well, not exactly. This maze of regs and ordinances is from the Phoenix New Times:

Bring your own bottle” establishments are usually small restaurants or other business establishments holding an Unlicensed Premises license, as explained by R19-1-324, Standards for Exemption of an Unlicensed Business. Small restaurants typically have a maximum occupancy of 50 patrons, and possession or consumption of alcohol is limited to the hours between noon and 10 p.m. Other business establishments holding the “Unlicensed Premises” license may have occupancy of 300 persons or less, and may allow liquor consumption between 4 p.m. and 2 a.m.

Lastly, customers at BYOB restaurants are restricted to possesses or consuming “no more than forty ounces of beer, seven hundred fifty milliliters of wine, or four ounces of distilled spirits.” However, most BYOB places can be “more restrictive than state or local laws,” Hill says, meaning BYOB establishments limit consumption of distilled spirits at their discretion, including by choosing to allow only beer and wine.”

Are you dizzy yet? To put it simply, you can BYO to restaurants that do not have a liquor license and not to a restaurant that does. That’s IT. Completely opposite to California alcohol regulations. Go figure. Check out the Arizona restaurants listed on where you can BYO and drink to your heart’s content. Enjoy!

What’s your experience with BYO? Have you ever taken beer or spirits? We’d love to hear from you.

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