Bringing Your Wine or Beer for Corkage at an Axe-Throwing Bar?

This post has nothing to do with corkage, wine, beer or booze but, trust me, it's something you should know about. Axe throwing. Okay, maybe I've been living under a rock or too immersed in the benefits of hospitality and corkage but I never heard of axe throwing before last night. Now I can check off another box on my heretofore lame bucket list as I threw a bunch of axes - and ONE actually stuck! - at LA AX LA's first axe-throwing bar. Uh, should 'bar' and 'axe-throwing' even be in the same sentence? So, perhaps corkage will be allowed...will keep you posted. Anyhow, I must say it's quite a fabulous facility out in the boonies of North Hollywood right next door to a pawn shop and Déjà Vu, all nude stripper joint.

When you first enter, there are electronic waiver forms for you to fill out just in case you get hit by an axe. Probably not a good idea to go with someone you want to divorce imminently. I'm sure all these 'jokes' are so unoriginal and tiresome to the axe-throwing community...anyway, once you've past the waiver exam, in you go to this enormous, 12, 500 sq ft warehouse. 24 (soon to be 30) throwing lanes are to the left, much like bowling lanes only wider and shorter and surrounded by protective wire fencing with big wooden targets on the wall. Those wood targets get plenty of wear as beginners throw their axe and instead of the axe sticking the target, the handle ends up pounding the wood and the axe unceremoniously flops to the ground. Throwing is much harder than it looks.

Carly, LA AX operations manager, is an axe-throwing professional. You would think this slip of a girl could barely hurl an axe never-mind have such mind-blowing aim but Carly,  axe-thrower extraordinaire, said throwing isn't so much about strength but really about technique. Pros have coaches like any other athletic sport. And nicknames. Carly's is Seven. Her coach's name, appropriately, is Arm. Of course, Carly has her own axe collection and her favorite is #7. Watch Carly throw axe #7! More pictures on Instagram @corkageonline

Graduating from Carleton University in Canada, Carly majored in communications, minored in film. Being a professional axe thrower wasn't exactly on her radar. Like, what little kid says, "I want to be an axe thrower when I grow up!" But when Carly threw her first axe at a party in Toronto, she was smitten. Being a 2nd degree Black Belt in Shotokan karate, axe throwing felt like an extension of her connection to martial arts. Her first throws weren't too great which totally pissed her off. Carly's very competitive and thought throwing an axe would be easy - it wasn't - but it lit a fire in her and to stoke her competitiveness, she joined a league. That will and practice paid off as she has qualified - 2 years in a row - to participate in the big tournament that takes place every February in Toronto where over 500 of the world’s best players compete to win the Wilson Cup during the 2019 All-Star Weekend. 

There is a National Axe Throwing Federation that was "established in early 2016 to service the sport of axe throwing globally, and facilitate inter-league competition amongst members. The rule system upon which the NATF was founded dates back over 12 years, having grown organically to form the basis of league play for over 4500 competitive axe throwers." The Federation created important guidelines for facilities, throwing, league rules, playoff rules and more. Women and men compete equally, no gender separation and no teams as this is strictly a solo sport but there is lots of comraderie. BTW, of all the throwers in the world, Canadians are the best! Makes me a proud Canadian!

Visit LA AX and see just how awesome an axe-thrower you are! Note: You MUST wear closed-toe shoes. Keep those flip-flops in the car.





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