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No Outside Alcohol
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A standard wine bottle size is 750ml.

The server must be the one to open your bottle.

Check if the restuarant has a bottle limit.

Don't bring a bottle that's on the menu.

Top 10 Things To Know About Corkage

  • Please don’t bring a bottle that is already on the menu. If in doubt, call first. If by chance you do, they may charge you the price of the bottle on the menu. That said, if the wine is on the menu, but a different vintage, that’s A-okay
  • When we say ‘bottle of wine’ it means a 750ml bottle which is the standard bottle
  • If the restaurant has “No bottle limit” read that as “No bottle limit within reason!”
  • Bring your bottle(s) in something that doesn’t look like you just bought it at 7 Eleven. Oh, please don’t bring anything you bought at a convenience store unless you happened upon the rare find of the century
  • When you are seated, let your server know you have bottles for corkage. This is the time to provide any particular instructions, like, if you want the wine decanted, when you would like it served, etc.
  • A waiter or sommelier must be the one to open your bottle and pour your liquid gold into a glass
  • It’s cool to offer your server a taste
  • Aside from your bottle, it would be spectacular to also order from the wine list…a glass of wine, a cocktail. Make everybody happy!
  • Be a mensch. Tip accordingly!

Remember: A restaurant is not required to offer corkage so it should be regarded as a perk and a privilege. Salut!