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It’s good to see you wherever you are! Hope you are well, vaccinated and ready to party like it’s 2019! During the past year in isolation, there wasn’t much opportunity to BYOB but *now* is the time to eat out again, commune with friends, chillax (remember that?). We are slowly updating restaurant information as so much has changed…sadly so many have closed…so please bear with us while we refresh the thousands of restaurants listed here – there may be incorrect information until we get to them all – and add many more.  If you have pertinent info, please do not hesitate to share it with us. Stay safe…this is not all over yet. À votre santé!

Bring The Party

Looking for a great night out? Next time you head out with friends for dinner, bring that bottle of wine you’ve been saving! And, it’s not just wine these days, you can bring beer and spirits to many restaurants.

We Made It Easy For You To BYOB Like A Boss!

Confidence To BYOB With Style

When you know where to go and what to bring, you can BYOB with confidence. Grab a special bottle from your latest wine club delivery or your favorite craft beer to share with friends.

We made it easy to find new places to dine and get all the info you need on corkage fees, so you show up feeling confident and ready for a great time.

Corkage Tips

We’ve been bringing our own bottles for over 25 years and know exactly what you need to know to save time and enjoy a great bottle at your local restaurant.

A standard wine bottle size is 750 ml.

The server must be the one to open your bottle.

Check if the restaurant has a bottle limit.

Don't bring a bottle that's already on the menu.

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Drink With Style

Please check out Wine to Water, an extraordinary organization that is dedicated to fighting the Global Water Crisis and is committed to providing access to clean drinkable water to over one million people by 2019.